Monday, November 10, 2008

Men, painting and idiocy

I've decided that I don't NEED a third child - as OddJobb is doing his standard 'man regressing' routine, and now I follow HIM around, cleaning up after him.

Case in point - we've lived in this house over 4 years now. When we bought it, we really liked the faux-finish done in the master bath and bedroom (apparently, it is 'rag off' technique, which always makes me think 'flame on' a la the Fantastic Four).

Anyhooo... this faux finish is a light yellowy-beige overlaid with an olive drab. Very nice, very neutral. It's even ON the ceiling (tray ceiling) - in other words, you WAKE UP looking at it.

But recently, thanks to moisture and windows and such, we need a touch up. In SEVERAL places. (Once upon a time, OddJob attempted such a 'patch job' by, ummm, SPONGING technique over the non-sponged wall. Not a good look.)

ANYHOOO... so we're all sick, the kids are hacking up lungs and bouncing off of walls thanks to the baby crack liquid albuterol, my mother is calling with her standard 'black hole of need, sucking the life out of me' phone calls... and OddJob is in the basement, trying to find the paint to match the master bath and bedroom. Because none of it is, like, LABELED or anything.

And all of a sudden, I hear his voice just SCREAMING for towels.

APPARENTLY - he found the matching paint. The stuff I remember as olive drab. He decided that, being all TIM TAYLOR, best course of action was to screw... SOMETHING.. on to his cordless drill, stick said something into the can of paint.... and completely cover the workroom in the basement MIX the paint.

Only what I vividly recall as olive drab (for the last FOUR YEARS) somehow, OddJob remembers as ... PINK.

Yes, I head down with towels to find OddJob AND the basement doused in pink paint.

Four years, same ceiling, not a drop of pink ANYWHERE, but in fact the OPPOSITE color on the spectrum. NO, he's not color blind.

Or, apparently, SMART.


~me said...

Please, PLEASE tell me you got PICTURES of this. PLEASE????

SMEANJ said...

BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I'm sorry, probably NOT funny at the time, but OMG! I hope it got on HIM, too! And I'm guessing that you neglected to get pics and I'll probably have to hurt you. ;-p

hokgardner said...

I just snorted milk out my nose!