Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school! Just like Nemo!

Yep, it's happened at last - #1A has begun Kindergarden.

And I think I we did very well today! Took him to before-school care (Kindercare), watched him get on the bus to 'real' school, followed the bus like some rabid stalker , met him on the playground, watched him parade in to 'real' school....

and not even a backwards glance from our tough little #1A.

UNTIL I called Kindercare about 1/2 hour after 'real' school let out. And got the scoop from the center director.

APPARENTLY, #1A got out of school, looked around, realized we WEREN'T there (and the schoolbus to Kindercare was), and burst into tears.

Because he missed us? No.
Because he didn't like school? No.
Because he DID like school and didn't want to leave? No.

Because.... he had given his Luke Skywalker bobble-head toy to Dad for safekeeping (rule #1 - NO TOYS at 'real' school rule #2 - NO GOING COMMANDO at 'real' school). It's been tough enough keeping underwear on this kid.

And he wanted his bobblehead BACK, and Daddy WASN'T THERE to return it. Thus much boo-hooing.

Going to be an interesting year....


hokgardner said...

Oh the harsh realities of "real" school. All the boys in my oldest daughter's class are having breakfast table meltdowns because the teachers have banned Pokemon cards from the classroom. The parents, on the other hand, are thrilled with the rule.

Congrats on surviving the first day.

ShellyBlake said...

Congrats on surving the first day! Did you get a picture??

SMEANJ said...