Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big bad deep sigh.................

A very, very dear friend of mine just moved. This morning. Almost 12 hours ago.

To a land far, far away, known as 'Deepinahearta', aka TEXAS. Yes, I lost ANOTHER friend to a land that has a season known as 'crispy'. Which they seem to think is preferable to the Chicago season called "Freaking bitter cold and windy GRAY".

So I am bummed. Really bummed. Need cigars and whiskey and poker kinda bummed. I've been bummed for a good 2 weeks leading up to this (hence the absence) but today took the cake.

So now that OddJob is home, the necessary tequila consumption (it's MEDICINAL!) shall commence.

And when I come out of my dark poker-needing funk, I'll write more. From OUTSIDE this black hole. Of missing Wendy.



ShellyBlake said...

Hang in there Jolly Roger!

hokgardner said...

Where in Texas did she move? Austin?

~me said...

Miss you too. :(