Monday, August 18, 2008

Tag, I'm it! The ABC's of Meme Award...

I got a little bloggie award and a tag for a meme!! Ree over at TheHotfessional gave it to me - my first! An award!! Woot!!

I have very little idea what any of it means (and look mom, no rules!) so I'm going to fake it and try to do this anyway!

A. Attached or single? Attached - very, very legally attached ;) Although with the new reorg at work, we'll be in the same 500 square feet. Which will, I'm sure, do wonders for our marriage!
B. Best friend? Marcia (Marcia Marcia). Although everyone else calls her Marci, I KNEW HER WHEN!
C. Cake or pie? CAKE. Unless it is my bourbon pecan pie....
D. Day of choice? Friday. Something about Friday just breathes relief...
E. Essential item? Undereye concealer. Or maybe sunscreen?
F. Favorite color? Red red ruby redrum red.
G. Gummy bears or worms? These are the choices????
H. Hometown? Chardon Ohio, I guess?
I. Indulgence? Pedicures. And professional gray covering haircolor!
J. January or July? July, duh, sailing!
K. Kids? Two. And I will NEVER DO THIS AGAIN (pregnancy and birth, not the kids. Kids are good!)
L. Life isn’t complete without? Wireless internet and rum.
M. Marriage date? 7/5
N. Number of brothers & sisters? 1 sister
O. Oranges or apples? both - while in sangria. Otherwise, forget it.
P. Phobias? The dark!
Q. Quotes? “ A good friend helps you move. A REALLY good friend helps you move a body."~Anonymous
"Measure what is measurable. Make measurable what is not" ~ Galileo Galilei

R. Reasons to smile? My sons smile, my daughters giggle, and the fizz from a fresh bottle of tonic...
S. Season of choice? Autum.
T. Tag seven peeps! Tagging and handing out bling-bling below
U. Unknown fact about me? I have exceptional hearing. When I did the DODMERB physical, the Navy guys CRIED that I was a girl and couldn't serve in the submarine fleet. But my hearing is so good outside of the range of the human voice, I can barely make out what anyone is saying due to the background noise. (Someone upstairs has a very very twisted sense of humor...)
V. Vegetable? Sugar snap peas a al Costco
W. Worst habits? Biting my nails.
X. X-ray or ultrasound? Too many of each to count...
Y. Your favorite food? Sushi!
Z. Zodiac sign? Aquarius with Capricorn rising. Apparently, the most likely sign to commit suicide! (who writes this crap, anyway??)

I got this cool award!!

My taggings go to:
Hok over at hokgardner
Barb over at Sothethingis
Andrea over at rickandreawalshfamily
Jill at DaisyBags

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Anonymous said...

That's a fun meme. Great answers!