Monday, August 18, 2008

Whirrrr, whirrrr, whirrrrrrr..........

But where is the 'clunk, clunk'??

We have a new fridge. Because the dishwasher died. That makes sense, right? Well, it also has to do with the refacing of the kitchen cabinets.....

I'll 'splain here..... the dishwasher died (you know that). So OddJob decides that not only do we have to replace it (duhhh) we have to replace it with stainless.

To match all the other WHITE appliances. (eyeroll, please)

For some reason, I went along with this. Because the dishwasher is on the OPPOSITE side of the kitchen from the fridge and the in-wall ovens.

So not long after, as we are FINALLY REPLACING the gawd-awful pickled oak cabinets that we have both LOATHED for 4 years, the cabinet guy asks "so, replacing the rest of the appliances too?"

And OddJob says "hell YEAH" in the same breath that I say "hell NO".

Guess who won?

The only part that I won was about 2 days before stainless-monstrosity-fridge is due to arrive, when the fridge guy calls saying "Uh, youse guys know that fridge you ordered? Yeah. They like don't make it anymore. But I'se gots a floor model, howse about 200 bucks off if its got no dings or nuttin'?"

Well why not. Sure, knock $200 of this thing. I played no part in its' picking anyway. Anyways?


So here we have a mahhh-velous magnetic-stainless French-door (ooooh la la) fridge with ice and water in the door. And it PLAYS MUSIC!! Oh yes, the kids press a button and it plays a little tune (dading DaaaahDING!) as it switches modes from ice to water to... some other kind of water? Heck if I know.

Aaaaannnnyyyyyway.. here I stand, I've Da-dinged my way to the ice function, and it's whirring away to beat the band.

But no clunk clunk.

This is the LAST TIME that OddJob buys a major appliance unsupervised. All flash. No function.

crap. What does that say about ME????

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