Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thoughts on Running

I have been running.

Which is really kinda huge, for me. I wasn't brought up to participate in team sports (frowned upon by the 'rents) and neither of my parents did ANYTHING more athletic than the occaisional bike ride.

And I'm short. Almost 5' 2", with the build of... not a runner.

But I've worked at it, and several of my Momtourage out of my local Moms group made a pact - run the Chicago 'Shamrock Shuffle' in 2008 as a group, or die of shame and endless riducule forever after.

So I trained. All winter. I even got OddJob to train WITH me. And this was a big deal, as OddJob was AN ATHLETE from the word GO. Swim team, HS wrestling and football, and rugby. Heck, when I met him he was playing rugby on the National level for the U.S. Combined Services Team, the All Army Team, ETCETERA....

And I ran the Shuffle. I was the oldest Mom in the group to do it (and damn near the shortest... actually, I think I WAS the shortest) and I posted the second fastest time of the crowd. Woo to the HOO for me! (AND - I was 36 hours back from a vacation in Mexico, with a respiratory infection, and (sorry, TMI ahead) right smack dab in the middle of a raging period).

And I'm pretty sure I hadn't run a step SINCE, until about a month ago.

But the 'Shuffle pact' crowd resurrected to torture ourselves into doing a 5k last Sunday. Ouch. Minimal training, 90 degrees, high humidity... what's not to like? (gasp, retch, ack)

Somehow, this has shamed OddJob into maybe, FINALLY, getting back into shape again. Because he stopped playing rugby (yes, I ACTUALLY put a gun to his head) about the time #1A arrived. And has basically fallen into major disrepair since. The weight-gain, still-eating-like-an-athlete, recently diagnosed with freaking GOUT kind.

And he's made REAL promises to get up in the morning to go running (I DO NOT RUN in the AM. AT all. Ever.)

To the point where we had an ACTUAL conversation along the lines of:

OddJob: I really, SERIOUSLY considered going running this morning.
Me: (swilling wine) Erp?
OddJob: When my alarm went off this morning, I put REAL EFFORT into considering it.
Me: (attempting to wrestle clothing off of #1B for bath) uhhhh...hmmmm??
OddJob: Seriously - I actually TRIED to get out of bed.
OddJob: I think it's progress.. really, I'll be SO much closer to getting out of bed TOMRRORW and actually GO running...

Go OddJob!


hokgardner said...

Oh how I envy your being able to run right now. The mornings have turned cool, and I'd love nothing more to head out to the Trail while the sun is coming up for a run. But sigh, I have a few more months to wait.

Go on a run for me, please.

SMEANJ said...

Send me some motivation!! These days I'm not even up to OddJob standards - and with my schedule it's just about morning or nothing. Ugh! As for you, well, you GO hot mama!!

SMEANJ said...

So maybe WE should plan to run (how about maybe WALK) a half marathon somewhere fun - you know, meet up someplace! Then we would KNOW we'd get together AND I would be forced to get re-motivated (as in: "If I can do the Breast Cancer 3-day, then SURELY I can handle a teensy little marathon, right?") Must start looking for interesting event to drag you to...

Jill said...

Go, jollyrogersailor, go. I expect you to be at the October 5th 5K. I was going to run this morning until the Hurricane hit.