Monday, September 15, 2008

Water is wet and icky..............

At lunch today, a friend of mine turned to me and asked "So when is Ike predicted to get to Chicago?"

Ummm..... that would be YESTERDAY, babe.

That sound you hear is my husband sucking water out of the carpet around the basement sump pump. Something about the thingy attached to the thingy and an 1/8" hole and a vapor lock... that resulted in a completely soaked 6-foot-diameter-circle section of basement carpet.


We got off easy though - several people I know (such as
baglady Jill) were in much worse shape, and have huge rolls of sopping carpet sitting next to their mailboxes. Or got to try out their new canoes from their front doors. Or went to Menards for an hour, and came outside to find their minivan floating (saw that one live and in person!).

So all in all it was gray, cloudy and damp this weekend (I think we had about 9" of rain in our town overall).

So in order to keep the kids entertained... we took them to our gym and went... SWIMMING!!


witchypoo said...

That Ike fella was a stinkah!
I still haven't heard back from my friend in Texas.

hokgardner said...

And those of us here in Austin, just three hours from where Ike hit, didn't get a single drop of rain. Not one.