Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I hate Home %*(@#*&!_#?! Depot

Oh. My. God.

And to think I used to own stock in that place!!!!

Anyone else just LOATHE the self-checkout? I had to run out for stuff, with the kids, and I go there so rarely I forgot what a HUGE PITA it is.

#1 - NO employees are actually around to ask 'where is X'?
#2 - If you DO find someone, they will tell you they don't know where X is anyway, then just WALK AWAY.
#3 - the self checkout (shudder).

Ahh, the self checkout. It never works BY ITSELF (which is the WHOLE POINT, isn't it??). They have a permanent staff of the annoying "help at self-checkout" employee there to help with the 4 self-checkouts that never let you just SELF-CHECKOUT. That outta tell you something.

Apparently, it won't work because my son was just barely leaning against it. When annoying "help at self-checkout" employee arrives, this is what she tells me. So I move #1A.

#1A is pissed off.
#1B takes his place, and won't move. I have to damn near YANK her out of between the checkout and the cart....

...and she starts to MELT DOWN and SHRIEK.

AND I LET HER. Because these HD assholes employees DESERVE to be annoyed too, at this point!

Then I try to pay. I push the buttons. NOTHING happens. Annoying "help at self-checkout" employee arrives AGAIN (she's been avoiding me because of #1B, who is still shrieking and turning purple-ish now) and asks "Did you push the button?"

YES I DID. HOW many times do I need to push it?

So we leave, #1A grumbling, #1B shrieking, and me muttering under my breath IN A VERY LOUD WAY that we are NEVER COMING BACK HERE. There is a Lowe's RIGHT across the street!!!

Deep breath.
Better now.

Is it JUST ME?


hokgardner said...

Nope, not just you. We go to Lowe's or a local, independently owned little store instead.

Erin said...

I'll second your hatred. That's why I send John. For some reason men never seem to have an issue with the big orange square.

Slick said...

Nope, not just you!

The self checkout is the worst thing ever freakin' invented!

I advise an oxygen mask on standby for #1B next

ShellyBlake said...

Inner Peas Jolly Roger...Inner Peas....

Elisette said...

Self checkout sucks it. And I lade the mistake of showing Luke how to do it, so now he wants to 'help'. Dominick's and IKEA have the damn things, too. "Unexpected item in checkout area."

SMEANJ said...

Home Depot around here is pretty decent, thankfully. If you can find someone, they'll usually go out of their way to take you to the item you requested (or their leader, whichever comes first, I guess.)

* "Unexpected item in checkout area." *
Now THAT little phrase is the bane of MY existence. I actually LIKE the self checkout - mostly b/c everyone else is afraid of it so I can have it to myself. BUT if I hear THAT #(%&*^%(*$ sentence ONE MORE TIME.........