Monday, August 25, 2008

"Swanky!" which now translates as.....


Who knew?

My best friend Marcia (she of the east-coast, near-Philly, why-haven't-we-transferred-out-there? variety) had a gift certificate to her choice of a list of restaurants. And a BABYSITTER.

So being fearless (and time-constrained) she briefly scanned her choices, and settled on a little bar-restaurant billed as

"Swanky, stylish restaurant & bar scene. Brunch & dinner served"

Really, how far off the mark could this married, middle-aged, parents of 2 actually BE?

.......... ummmmmmm.......... judging by the baskets of 'Trojans' helpfully provided outside of each of the 4 co-ed bathrooms..... pretty damn far off the mark.

And hey, I always thought her husband was kinda hot, apparently I'm not alone.

Well, OK, I'm alone for MY people!

Well anyway, other than the cranking-loud grinding gay bar, they had a lovely time in the tiny but elegant courtyard dining area, and a very lovely meal. And Marcia's husband was CHECKED OUT, a fact he little appreciated.

Marcia says she'd go back for the food... probably WITHOUT her significant other. Too bad I'm all the way out HERE in the midwest.

Because stuff like this almost NEVER happens to us! (well, except for that time I got hit on by a TRULY gorgeous blonde woman IN the ladies locker room of the Chicago Yacht Club, Belmont station.....still shaking my head over that one...

Because face it, I'm kinda hot hot-ish. Or well preserved.

OK, I'm not Marcia's HUSBAND or anything.........


witchypoo said...

So...a good time was had by one?
Reminds me of when my friend took her husband to see Brokeback Mountain because she was told it was romantic. He couldn't get out of there fast enough.

SMEANJ said...

Well the food was quite good, and the patio was lovely! I would go again - especially for the $3 drinks at happy hour. And hey, we don't get out much these days, so we need a few fun stories to tell, right? I did notice that Steve did NOT brave the restrooms himself though... can't imagine why. LOL