Thursday, July 10, 2008

Green stuff

That I GREW all by MYSELF! Mighty proud of allll my growing green stuff. What can I say - shoulda been a botanist....

New daylily I just bought this spring - think this is "Ed Murray", tetraploid version.

Purple wave petunias (and I've got 4 more boxes JUST like it!!) with purple mini-petunias (what is the NAME of them??) and MINT. Mint just takes OVER (so you have to make a lot of mojitos to use it up, OR ELSE).

The birds planted me some sunflowers! Love them, OddJob HATES them (too bad, sweetie - they stay). He was headed towards them with an axe, but I threatened to knock over his Harley. He stopped.

See the green viny things on either side of the front door? Morning glories (blue) growing up some twine that OddJob hung up for me! And planters I copied from the 'White Flower Farm' catalog (I plagiarize planters. So sue me).

More plagiarized planters. And you can ALMOST see a stepping stone below them, with #1b's handprint :)
My next house - it will need MORE YARD....

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hokgardner said...

That's one of the many things I miss about living in the north - flowers that grown in the summer. Here everything just turns brown and crispy.