Sunday, July 6, 2008

The winds of change....

Not even nautical winds (our favorite kind, but of course).

Life-winds, if such things exist. That feeling of existential restlessness that tells my 'feminine intuition/sixth sense/almost-creepy-feeling-that-really-creeps-out-an-engineer' that something is going to happen.

Or even is happening.... (cue the muuwaaahahahahaaaa laughter a la old horror films).

Will it be work? Home? Family? I'm not really sure, but for the last several months, the winds of change, they be a-blowing. Thinking career (OK, the sixth sense is hinting 'Career')

Which makes OddJob roll his eyes, because he KNOWS this means he's going to be nagged into changing his resume. Well, the sixth sense AND the fact that I've been bugging him to update his resume for 11 months now.

See, OddJob and I work at the same company (which shall remain nameless) and have successfully managed to avoid working together for over a decade. (Ta-da!!! - well, it was hard to do that!!! We have the same freaking degrees and stuff).

But recently - Dum Dum Dummmmmm.........! we are on the same project. This does NOT BODE WELL. (cue the winds of change).

And add the fact that I'm getting a call from a new headhunter EVERY week. Since January. I'm not even the 'hot ticket' in this marriage!!

Wonder if the winds of change can blow us to someplace where there is NO snow shoveling?

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SMEANJ said...

If you lived here, I'd even come to YOUR house and shovel the teensy bit of fluff we get, if you'd just GET here already. Come ON!! <3

Better yet, whenever snow is forecast we'll plan a spa weekend or fly to the islands for a few days just for kicks. We deserve it! (I can dream, can't I?)