Saturday, July 19, 2008

Race to Mackinac, 2008, has Begun! Ish. Sorta. Maybe not...

And yet ANOTHER major regatta that I am so grateful to NOT be sailing in!

Rainy. Humid. Hot. Icky.

Did I say Windy? Why, no I did not!! if there is one way to describe the start of this years race, WINDY is one of those "not so much" adjectives. (adverb?) Oh whatever, it SUCKED to be on the water this morning.
I'd take a screen shot of the racetraker, but it's not looking so hot for the hometeam here. And I took that Lunesta first.....
Anyway, I leave Sunday AM TO DRIVE to "da OOO Pee" as they call it. Will take pics and report back... Go Team Regardless!! (and special shout out to Shelly of Team Cancan Deux for that 'eye on the sky' traffic report and the access road shortcut! You da man!)

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