Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Race to Mackinac - the tracker!!

Yes, you can actually track the boats as they sail north!

the OFFICIAL Chicago Yacht Club Hey Look! We're having a regatta! webpage

To actually TRACK the boats, you have to go here Go here, do something technical and do something technical, lord knows what, I haven't looked.

And FYI - if there is a distinct lack of male hotness this weekend in Chicago, don't be all surprised. The hot guys all went sailing. Seriously. If you are single woman on the prowl in Chicago in the summer, fer gossakes Get Thee To A Yacht Club!!

They give lessons and everything. Plus you'll get a tan. They even have these sweet new hot-pink-and-black sailing gloves

I haven't even TRIED mine yet (but I'm all goose-bumpy at the thought).
Remember now, hot guys + cold beer = sailing.

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SMEANJ said...

Okay, so you DID post the tracker info. I'm just a little slow... like the boat (or at least the wind). ;-p I'll watch next year, I promise!
P.S. I've decided to include today's ridiculous (and might I add annoying) "Comment moderation word verification" letters IN my comment because my brain seems to want to attribute words to this little jumble and I wanted to share.
- fkrmrok -