Monday, July 7, 2008

Introducing - the fam

About time I introduced the rest of the crew of the Jolly Roger.

I've already mentioned the husband, aka OddJob.

But there are 2 junior swabs, one of each even (nice, round family. Trying hard to be financially square).

In keeping with a family tradition begun by that salty dog, my Dad (aka "the old grey man") we use a numering system here. Due to Dad's complete inability to keep his offspring straight. This was further compounded by the fact that, for some RIDICULOUS reason, they decided to give me the same first name as my mother.

Don't do that to you or your children. Ever. Trust me on this.

Annnnnyyyyway.............. I was #1, my sister was #2. Birth order, Dad could handle that. Mom was rolling her eyes.

So in keeping here... my children are #1a and #1b. Yes I know that 'a' and 'b' are not numbers, go take it up with old grey man. My sisters kids are #2a, and so on.
This would be #1a (and no, I have no idea what he just put in his mouth).

and #1b (see? She's near boats and water, she's Happy!! Good girl!)

We live in a nice house in the suburbs here in the great north midwest. Since summer fell on a weekend, it's been EXTRA nice!

But I've spent too long figuring out why all my pics add to the TOP of the page, and we're off to T-ball practice. And it's 88 degrees outside. Fabulous.

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hokgardner said...

It's a well known and much-cursed bug with blogger that adding pictures mangles your formatting. It drives me nuts.

I love the numbering system for grandbabies. Right now B and I have the only grandbabies on both sides of the family, but should our siblings ever have kids, we'll have to implement the system.

And you have really cute kids.