Monday, July 14, 2008

Race to Mackinac, v.100

On Saturday July 19, a buncha boozing many brave souls will leave Chicago for at least 3 days of eating, boozing and some sailing the 100th running of the race to Mackinac!

That's sailboats.


From Chicago to this teeny little island at the cold, cold north end of the lake.

OK, so it's like a really big deal around here with the sailing people.

Anyyyyywayyyyyyyyyy........... for the big century running of this, 460 boats are competing.

With somewhere between 6 and 15 drunks sailors per boat........... so let's see............... carry the 2............. OK, eleventy billion sailors are going to an island THIS BIG:

So we have eleventy billion drunks sailors trying to get from here (Chicago)

to there (the non-existent dot waaaaaay up at the top of the mitten).

Without doing THIS.

Yep, last year. Bad. Expensive and bad.

And while those boozing brave souls are boozing sailing, loads of wives and girlfriends will be driving from here (Chicago)

to there (nonexistent dot at top of mitten).

While kicking themselves for making this ungodly drive YET AGAIN.

But BONUS - we get to see such FAMOUS attractions as

Oh yes there is!! Weeee-sconsin, yah hey dere!!

And if we have our fill of cheese, just wait!! I have heard that on this tiny little nonexistent dot at the top of the mitten, you just might be able to find.. fudge!

If you look really, really hard.

Guess what I'll be looking for really, really hard?

Or in the convenient economy case size

EVERY hotel room on Mackinac is currently sold out. That is a lot of totally bored, probably drunk and on a massive sugar high wives and girlfriends hanging out here

OK, so that's not the real 'Pink Pony', but I can't find a pic..

And waiting for the eleventy-billion to arrive so we can finally have the awards party HERE

Yep, the Grand Hotel on Mackinac. From that movie "Somewhere in Time" which NONE of you remember because you, gentle readers, are probably younger than me. Not that I'm bitter.

No, we are NOT ALLOWED IN. We party on the lawn. They have actual GUARDS to keep us out.

But more on that later....


ShellyBlake said...

You are a riot Jolly Roger! Can't wait for our trip...only 4 more days!

hokgardner said...

Why aren't you sailing in the race?

And I remember the movie.

SMEANJ said...

Well, you know *I* don't remember the movie, but it has nothing to do with age. Who has the brain cells to remember movies when I can't even remember why I got on the computer just now in the first place? Or where I put my keys?